I have been in love with tools and paint all of my life.  I remember my grandfather spray painting when I was very young. I remember the fumes and the ball rattling around inside the can and the subtle movement of his pointer finger on the cap, sssssssst, ssssssssst. 


It makes me happy when items function exactly as they should. Here are a few that actually do: Vitamix, certain bicycles, and spray paint.


I bought my first SLR camera in tenth grade with money I earned shucking snow peas and bussing tables at The Jade Palace in Layton, UT. Sliding your first print into a tray of developer and seeing a black and white image appear is magic and I became addicted. If you're going to cut class in high school, there is no better place than the dark room to do it. No crafty teacher would ever suspect it, but if they do catch you lurking around in the shadows and red lights, they're kind of like “well okay, I guess its alright.”


I majored in photography at The Art Institute of Boston, but as digital photography quickly became popular, film became scarce and expensive-to-maintain darkrooms dropped like flies.  Film ebbed and digital photography flowed and the Mississippi ran backwards.  As digital boomed, I drifted from my trusty SLR and began experimenting with spray paint and power tools.


Through a combination of gouging wood, layering paint and sanding, I can say this work is strong and unique. 




310 Irving St. Denver, CO 80219

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